Sunday, 12 April 2009


I seem to have lost a little energy with this project and need to give myself a good talking to, interestingly the subject of Tom Richmonds mailbag is motivation, worth a read if you have a moment and like my need the occasional kick up the bum! - anyhow here's Ian

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Anonymous said...

Hiya, wildshehorse here, newbie from e-caricatures ...

Geez, I wish I could get a likeness the way you seem to nail it each time - great work !

A tip, if I may ? On men's lips, the cupid's bow at the top is usually less pronounced than on a woman's...if you flatten it out a bit, it looks more "Guy". Also, if you blend/fade the red of the lips into the surrounding skin colour more, rather than have that "lipstick outlined" kinda look, it also looks more mannish. Took me ages to work this out, would hate to see someone else struggling with it. On gals well defined lips are great, on guys it looks a bit female...try it on these you;ve done and let me know what you think ?

Cheers !