Saturday, 5 June 2010

Quick and fun !

The genius that is Jason Seiler advised that we should all sketch yesterday and I did, trouble is I liked the sketch so much I wanted to paint it, truth to tell I prefer painting to sketching (big weakness) need to work on it anyhow this is the end result sorry Jason will sketch more promise !!!


john said...

Nice work Tony..have you joined Jasons course?

Tony Mac said...

Thanks john no I haven't been lucky enough to do Jasons course yet but I do plan to it in the future !

shortgirl said...

Your artwork is so creative...I love all the colors and the way the faces pop out from the paper!! I would like to ask for advice...I love how I feel like I am connecting with you and art, while I don't even know you! So, could you please visit my blog at It would mean a lot if you commented for some ideas.
Charlene aka Short Girl

Tony Mac said...

Thank you so much for the kind words about my artwork I really appreciate it, I have been to your blog and found it very interesting, keep up the good work !