Monday, 7 March 2011

Cheryl Cole

Here's my second attempt at the gorgeous Cheryl Cole not hard work painting this lovely lady, I think this is an improvement on my first attempt !


john said...

Nice workTony,it's always easier on the eye to look at ref pics of people like her!!!!! But I find the "beauties" harder to draw.....perhaps I am distracted!!!!!!!lol

Tony Mac said...

Thanks John, I totally agree the beauties are definitely more challenging and distracting lol

em... said...

Hi Tony,

I remember your first one of her, and this is a definite improvement.

Personally, I find it easier to draw beautiful women than anything else, but I've abandoned a few attempts at Ms Cole. She's particularly tricky.

Tony Mac said...

Thanks Em

Your work is very good male or female but I have noticed you seem to prefer the pretty ladies :)

I put the 2 together to compare and this is miles better, the good thing is it proves I am learning and improving!

flats said...

F**k me Tony , your work has come on leaps and bounds mate , this recent batch are great !

Tony Mac said...

Thanks Flats just striving to improve and never satisfied but we are all like that as artists, really good to get positive comments from people who love the art form appreciate the kind words !